for Mother Mary
People in a room is purifying their heart.
The combination of their two palms.
One line flaps and flys from there to the heavens.
A giant woman who stands over the city takes a lot of those lines in her chest.

Atmosphere flowing out from western-style houses.
The tastes of Castera seems to float in the air.
There is smell of incense sticks from Confucian temple.
The taste of Peking duck brushes my tongue.
The dragon is dancing and playing in the Shinto shrine .
The line of movement of the dragon flows the Shinto shrine out.

The time that comes from the West and
    the time that comes from China and
    the time that comes from Japan
Some arrows of times have been mixed and they make one big harmony.
(doing YAMATO)

A giant woman smiling over the city are watching
    the scene which a lot of house's lights sound each other at night , and
    the scene of junction of some arrows of times
    on the land like a bowl.

Once , the woman smelled at the plutonium for her gentleness.

But , the smell of plutonium could never have hurt even people's hearts.

Now , She is quietly watching the scene which some arrows of smiles are mixed ,and
    the scene of junction of some arrows of smiles.

                     Sakamoto Makoto


Japanese version:

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